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Life After High School Resource Packet

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Educator Awards for Economics and Personal Finance lessons, units, and career achievement

Next-Gen Personal Finance

National Endowment for Financial Education High School Financial Planning Program – free curriculum with teacher manual and student workbooks

Smart About Money – free online courses

Financial Workshop Kits – geared toward lower socioeconomic families; great for parent workshops

Jump$tart Clearing House

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Teaching Money Virginia Lessons, speakers, 以及为弗吉尼亚高中经济/个人理财课程教师设计的课堂资源

Council on Economic Education: Clearing House/Search Engine: High-quality, standards-based lesson plans, student activities, and reviewed websites.

Federal Reserve Education  St. Louis Federal Reserve education page – Lessons for your smart board, free online classes for students, mobile apps  Lesson: The Free Silver Movement and Inflation 课程:大萧条-课程,互动,历史音频剪辑 Katrina’s Classroom:  Financial Lessons from a Hurricane  Oil Prices: Supply and Demand – What’s Driving Oil Prices? Posters/Infographics

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 为未来投资——帮助学生回答爱游戏App官网入口高中毕业后生活的问题. Which path is right for me? What do I stand to gain? What are my funding options for school?

The Federal Reserve and You  Free Video (order or stream)  Also has history content.  The First Bank of the United States, The Second Bank of the United States, The Great Depression, World War II Thru the 1960s, Stagflation in the 1970s, Boom Times & Bubbles: The Internet Age

Lessons:   First Bank of the US – Hamilton vs. Jefferson, Second Bank of the US  (click on HS and scroll down)

Podcasts:  NPR’s Planet Money Imagine you could call up a friend and say, “Meet me at the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy.” Now imagine that’s actually a fun evening. That’s what they’re going for at Planet Money.  They produce a twice-weekly podcast and blog.

Videos: Two Cents  Videos about personal finance for Gen X.  Perfect for HS students.  Topics include:  credit scores, understanding the Stock Market and the Dow, buying a house, the costs of pet ownership, where tax dollars are spent, etc.

Planning the Prom can be done off or online.  Working in groups, students decide how money should be spent. Their task is to decide which band to hire, where to hold the dance, and what type of refreshments and decorations to provide. Must select one item from each expenditure category.

Explaining the Federal Reserve and Inflation 这是教会学生美联储如何使用货币政策来控制通货膨胀和促进经济稳定的最好课程之一.  大萧条系列的第6课(滚动到最下面).

Understanding Fiscal Responsibility  These lessons focus on government institutions, programs, the Federal Reserve, Social Security, and events such as the Panic of 1893. 当学生们考虑制定公共政策所涉及的权衡时,他们会成为知情的公民. 他们学会通过评估第一手和二手资料来表达自己的观点, engaging in group activities and discussions, and writing brief essays.

Listenwise  他们收集的播客和公共广播使教学与现实世界相联系,同时培养学生的听力技能.  Social studies, science, current events, literacy.

The Mint: Try It 这是造币厂的互动区——试试左边的挑战和活动.  They include – What Kind of Spender are You?, Credit Card IQ, When Will You Be a Millionaire.   还请注意屏幕上方的链接,标题为“教师的想法”,在那里你可以找到像“计划舞会”这样的教案。.

It All Adds Up It All加法是一个网站,为那些想要在他们的财务未来有一个领先的开始的青少年. 该网站包含在线游戏和模拟,以帮助学生学习信用管理, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving, and investing.

Fiscal Ship 《爱游戏App官网入口》向你提出挑战,让联邦预算走上可持续的道路. But budget decisions aren’t only about fiscal sustainability. They also shape the kind of country we live in. To win the game, 你需要找到与你的价值观和优先事项相匹配的政策组合,并将预算设定在可持续发展的道路上.

Lesson Plan to go with simulation:

Chair the Fed Learn how monetary policy works by taking charge of a simulated economy.  操纵利率和货币政策以保持经济平稳运行.  Will they reappoint you as Fed Chair?

Moneyville Get Real是一款预算游戏,帮助你独立生活并对自己的支出做出选择, plus Lemonade Stand

NextGen Investing Simulation  审查每一种类型的投资产品(从储蓄账户到大宗商品到黄金到国债, and more) that can be done in one class period.

APP: “Econ Ed Mobile”  The Econ Low Down from the St. Louis Federal Reserve. 了解通货膨胀、信贷成本和你的决定是如何影响你的支出的. For iStuff and Android

Financial Institution Personal Finance Lessons and Resources

Hands-on Banking – Wells Fargo (also in Spanish)

Better Money Habits – Bank of America and Khan Academy

Bank on Your Success – BB&T

Money Smarts  – FDIC

SmartStart Curriculum for Schools,  Virginia Credit Union

Teacher Recommended Resources

Major Financial Decisions Free tools to help you answer important financial planning questions.

Economics Media Library   An extensive library of dynamic economics videos.

Navigate: Exploring College and Careers  这个资源是对职业和大学调查的介绍,是为7年级到9年级学生设计的. 许多学生和他们的家人可能不熟悉高中毕业后的教育途径, and Navigate provides information to begin preparing for success.

Does College Matter?


Personal Finance 101 Conversations 《AYX爱游戏体育》是一系列针对青少年和20多岁的学生和消费者的及时理财话题的短视频.

Dollars and Sense 美元和感觉是由里士满联邦储备银行为初高中学生创建的预算游戏. Students select a lifestyle and budget for expenses and unexpected events.

Fool Proof Me Our mission is to teach consumers the importance of using caution, questioning sellers, and relying on independent research before spending money.

H&R Block Budget Challenge Learn and practice many real-world money management skills:  paying bills, managing expenses, saving money, investing in retirement and more.

Take Charge Today

一个以决策为基础的个人理财方法的项目和课程.  An award-winning program designed by educators, for educators, 《爱游戏App官网入口》提供了一个一致的框架来思考财务选择,以提高幸福感.

Making Personal Finance Decisions  《爱游戏App官网入口》是明尼苏达州经济教育委员会为中学教师设计的一门获奖课程,最近与圣路易斯联邦储备银行合作修订了这门课程. Louis. 这个免费资源包括10个单元(20课)与互动活动和讲义的主题,如预算, saving, and investing.

LifeSmarts LifeSmarts, established in 1994, 是为6 -12年级的学生提供教育挑战和教学资源的国家先锋消费组织吗.

Crash Course YouTube Series

由Adrienne Hill和Jacob Clifford制作的35个爱游戏App官网入口经济和个人理财的视频.

Practical Money Skills – NFL Financial Football Game

Visa和美国国家橄榄球联盟(National Football League)联手创建了金融足球(Financial Football), a fast-paced, 互动游戏,吸引学生,同时教授他们个人理财技能. 新版本的3D图像和改变游戏规则的声音机会, blitzes and game-breaking plays.

Banzai! Online Financial Literacy  Exposes students to real-life adult financial dilemmas, from taming a budget and paying auto insurance to navigate taxes. Whether you teach high school, junior high, or elementary-aged students, Banzai lets you choose the difficulty level. And if you want them to level up, there’s even an advanced course.

Biz Kid$ 六个季节的短视频短片,介绍年轻人及其对个人理财和创业的看法.  Accompanying lesson plans, games, and blogs included.

MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange Build your portfolio and react to the markets in real-time. 与你的朋友或同事竞争,赢得你在排行榜上的位置.

How the Market Works 允许用户创建自己的自定义股票游戏,并为他们的玩家创建教育课程.

Build Your $tax  You’ve got 20 years to grow your wealth.  Who will have the biggest stacks of money?  Play as a group or alone.

PlaySpent 交互式无家可归和贫困模拟和游戏,帮助人们学习管理基本的个人财务.

How I Made My Millions CNBC商业国家的每月特稿,强调成功的企业家如何开始解决简单的日常问题,以商业为中心的解决方案.